Single Review: ‘Dali’ by Spill Gold

The psychedelic pop band Spill Gold have released their latest hallucinogenic track ‘Dali’, and it’s nothing less than we have come to expect from the gloriously-different two piece.

The band themselves describe it as a soundscape that paints a picture of what it would be like if surrealist artist Dalí were to be ‘‘drinking a piña colada in [your] house’’, yet I think it goes one step further, translating more like a conceptual piece of art. 

The sense of feeling evoked from the track, matched with its aim to mimic such a peculiar scene, gives the band great artistic credibility, placing them head and shoulders above fellow psych bands, as this song really elevates the potential for this genre. 

The subject matter of Dalí drinking a piña colada inside your house is an abstract notion in itself, yet somehow sonically it also seems to encapsulate that same confusion, but with a post-modern edge shown through the glitches, which is almost reminiscent of Dalí’s ‘The Persistence of Memory’ (1931). 

More interestingly, the band themselves have revealed how the song sounds different every time it is played live. This makes it even more of a conceptual piece, as it becomes more of an experience each time, as it is not something that can be replicated.

This extra dimension to the song, which gives off a massive sound that cannot be controlled in a tight electronic structure, allows for a unique experience for fans, as every time they hear it live it won’t be like the last, making the song a constant new experience for both band and fans to enjoy.

In comparison to Spill Gold’s previous works, there is a constant progression going on here on ‘Dali’ and this weird, conceptual and stimulating song can only be described as a state of mind, true to their psychedelic roots.

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Single Review: ‘Dali’ by Spill Gold
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