Single Review: Carmody – ‘More Than I Miss You’

Carmody’s new track fittingly comes with the awakening of Spring.

The melodic riffs, paired with a folklore twist, culminate and set the tone in the utter dreamscape that is known as ‘More Than I Miss You’.

Suggestively playing into the remembrance of a past relationship, the lyrics ‘and I wish I had more than I miss you to say’, embody the tormentous feelings of an overwhelming yearning over that certain someone.

Struck with the thought of seeing them once more, she faces herself with the fact she would be so affected by their first encounter that she may not be able to verbalise her strength of feeling beyond pining.

The folklore ‘fantasy’ is retold sonically as well as lyrically, the light strumming of an acoustic guitar and echoey vocals only reinstate the feeling of living worlds away from the protagonist.

‘You’re a thousand seas away from me, across cities and deserts and high rises I can’t reach’ is enchantingly sang in Carmody’s high soprano as if her voice alone could beckon her lover back to her.

Described in her own words of exasperation she admits: “‘More than I Miss You’ is about how words are incapable of expressing the weight of absence.

“It’s about the distance that comes between you and someone you love.

“It’s about how to hold to that love and retain that relationship no matter the borders that threaten to divide you.”

Carmody’s popularity and success, not only as a collaborative artist, but as a recording artist in her own right, comes from her ability to evoke emotion in her listener.

Whether that be because she speaks truth, which resonates within the relatable, or because she awakens a new sense of feeling within her listener, in which she manages to make her own emotions universally translatable and understandable.

Her credibility as a storyteller shines through in her music, making her stand out amongst the rest and worthy of the recognition she’s been getting from Phil Taggart at BBC Radio 1, Guy Garvey at 6Music, Spotify and Apple.

Listen to ‘More Than I Miss You’ now via:

Single Review: Carmody – ‘More Than I Miss You’
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