Simone Telease drops new single “Do You?”

California-based singer, Simone Telease, has shared the new single “Do You”.

Taken from her new seven-track album “Love Hard”, the song boasts lush vocals and R&B beats.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the single, Telease says: “This song is a tale of “Bestfriends turned lovers” gone wrong. When I first began this project, I flew back home to Oakland, California. I was hoping to draw inspiration from this man I was madly in love with. This project was supposed to come from a good place. We were best friends turned lovers, and I just knew he would be my happily ever after.  We literally had been close friends since highschool. He took me to my very first prom, and I had my very first slow dance with him. There was a lot of history there. A couple months later after I returned back to Atlanta, he ended up ripping my heart to shreds. He ended up completely ghosting me and getting a girlfriend. He didn’t even have the nerve to tell me, I had to find out through social media, and that’s what really broke my heart. So I texted him and told him goodbye forever and that at this point, we cant even be friends anymore. He responded with “Damn, you don’t even think we could be something in the future?” I really wanted to respond “BOY F*** YOU” but I kept it player and cute instead. But, as much as I hate to say it, I still miss him, and I guess he will always have a special place in my heart.” 

Listen to “Do You” and her new album, below:

Simone Telease drops new single “Do You?”
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