Silvre shares new track ‘Call Me What You Want’

Silvre has followed up her debut single ‘You Don’t Really Like Him’ with the new track ‘Call Me What You Want’.

‘Call Me What You Want’ delves into the topic of social media and how toxic it can be. The track itself features pounding pop beats, shimmering synth patterns and strong vocals.

Speaking about ‘Call Me What You Want’, Silvre says: “This track was inspired by all the lies that live on social media, which is particularly glorified by the music industry. So much of what we see has been staged, modified or perfected with a filter and it’s exhausting to keep up with! There seems to be a handful of public figures that monetise and encourage this behaviour and they are contributing to poor mental health, without a care in the world.”

Listen to ‘Call Me What You Want’ below:

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Silvre shares new track ‘Call Me What You Want’
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