Album Review: Holy by Sasha Siem

As the year begins to wind down and we transition from summer into the colder months, the veil between worlds grows thin. October is the month for all things spooky and spiritual, and the first few releases from Sasha Siem’s upcoming album are the perfect accompaniment for an hour’s meditation, or whatever you have planned for your spiritual practices to celebrate Halloween. 

Siem’s vocals pervade the album, aptly named Holy; her voice is the guiding light around which each song is woven. To record this album, written in the wake of the birth of her son, Siem set up a studio / creative space by the Southbank. Described by Siem as the “shake up and wake up” album, it reflects the gravitational changes in her life – towards motherhood, towards London. 

It also reflects an expansion of her creative input. Rather than settling for pushing her message across by music and lyrics alone, Siem followed scientific studies to record in 432Hz, the “love frequency”. It’s a way of biologically encouraging the body’s system to relax and settle into the present moment, something which is all the more apparent when considering the lyrical content and the joyous, exquisite compositional quality of Siem’s music. 

Take, for example, “Holey Wholly Holy”, the leading single. It’s a heartfelt song, about finding holiness through the darkness of modern-day life or perhaps the struggles we face internally. The lyrics, piano riff and frequency all combine to make listening to this album an experience which transcends the auditory.

Sasha says of the album that part of it was her discovering how to expand her own personal bubble in order to help those around her. It’s something she definitely achieves with Holy, her latest offering into the world, set to drop in the first few months of 2020. It’s the perfect time to settle down and listen to Siem’s exquisite collection of music in preparation, and her songs lend themselves to the sort of spiritual self-love we could all use a little of these days.

Watch her intimate performance of ‘Eve Eyed’ at a women’s circle in Fitzrovia Chapel here, and make sure you keep your eyes and ears peeled for the release of Holy, coming in 2020! 

Album Review: Holy by Sasha Siem
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