Samantha Harvey shares the glossy single “Don’t Call It Love”

Pop artist Samantha Harvey shares the glossy new single “Don’t Call It Love”. Laced with sleek, pop sounds and Harvey’s incredible vocals, the track is about not labelling a situation-ship and feeling scared about the future of that ship.

Rooted in super commercial pop sonics, the track hooks you in from the offset with it’s relatable lyrics and head-bopping beats.

Harvey told us: “Don’t Call It Love is a relatable song about when you meet someone you like but don’t want to put a label on it, because you are scared that once you do things will have too much pressure and fall apart. The lyrics are deep and meaningful but the production with the acoustic guitar gives it a happy vibe. I’m looking forward to belting this one out on tour!”

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Samantha Harvey shares the glossy single “Don’t Call It Love”
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