ROSIN shares the dainty new single “Tired of Dancing”

Hailing from Berlin, ROSIN is an artist that captures poetic lyricism with such elegance. Her new single “Tired of Dancing” is a showcase in atmospheric arrangements and dainty vocals, propelling her artistry to the forefront of ballad pop. This is an soothing single wrapped in singer-songwriter intimacies and glimmering sounds.

“I wrote this song last summer together with my best friend. Being in lockdown and feeling really lonely sometimes made me romanticize my past relationship, which had unhealthy tendencies in reality. In Tired of Dancing, I try to remind myself of all the things that made me want to leave it in the first place. Getting out of a co-dependent relationship was hard and it took me a long time to process how I got into this situation and to be able to reflect on it. I am proud tohave grown the strength to do so now.”

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ROSIN shares the dainty new single “Tired of Dancing”
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