VONDA7’s new project “Let Go” is the perfect release, her songs are filled with this contagious energy. Each song is hypnotic and otherworldly, and the way she combines her ethereal vocals with these haunting beats feels so effortless. Her new album ‘Let Go’ is a new beginning, a journey of starting over. We caught up with VONDA7 to chat about how she stays present, starting her own label, and what’s been keeping her motivated.

Tell me about ‘Let Go’ what was the inspiration behind the project?

The album is summed up a chapter in my life and also what I have been creating on my label over the last two years. It’s a very personal journey telling about letting go of things and people who don’t serve us anymore, letting go of the past. It’s about human connections, male and female energies, learning about life and how we’re conditioned by our upbringing, by our surroundings, and letting go of all that too. It’s about starting over without looking back.

I love that it’s about letting go of the past, how do you stay focused on the present?

Meditation and gratitude for every day and appreciation of everything good that comes my way instead of dwelling on things that didn’t work out.

I feel like there’s a lot of pressure with a debut album, how do you feel now that it’s out?

Honestly? Exhausted!! Even though some of the tracks were released before, I never felt this tired after releasing something. I also feel a little strange because I exposed myself a bit more than usual with my club tunes. It’s definitely taken me out of my comfort zone as I am generally a bit more private person.

What has been motivating you to create this past year? 

First, I really enjoyed having a lot of free time and few distractions. But now I really want to play my music to the people – this is the greatest motivation. To create and to share it. 

What else has been inspiring you lately? 

I read a lot about human psychology and how we function and interact with other humans. About our needs, emotions, traumas. It’s fascinating how much there’s to learn about who we are and how little we know based on our general education. 

Why was it important for your to start your own label?

I just wanted a bit more creative freedom. I was experimenting with new sounds and genres and creating songs that didn’t fit any label. One of the first tracks was called “Babcia” which means grandma in polish. My grandma died soon before I started the label and I felt like something ended and something new had to start. I felt like I was ready to start something of my own. I’m enjoying running it even though it can be a lot of work but hopefully, I can grow to a small team soon and give a platform to other artists as well.

What would be your dream collab? 

Tame Impala and maybe we could work with 070 Shake or MO for the additional vocal part. Dream big, right!

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