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Tara Lord is the new girl on the Toronto rap block who has been making a big splash with the release of her last two singles, ‘Overthinking’ and ‘Praying’. Back with a brand new visual for her internationally and editorially acclaimed sophomore release, (Spotify ‘Northern Bars’, Amazon’s ‘Breakthrough Hip-hop’ playlist and Apple Music’s ‘New Music Daily’) Tara stuns, offering a bold and charismatic performance over melodic Spanish guitars and a bouncy hip-hop beat. LOCK Mag caught up with Tara to discuss the ‘Praying’ video release and the journey so far.

Could you tell us what this track means to you in your own words & why you chose to share such a personal song?

I wrote the song when I was going through a really hard time, I let out all my frustration in the booth and ended up with “Praying”. I was feeling frustrated with life and felt really alone at that time. I just had my thoughts, which were driving me mad. I decided to share this song because not only is it such a great song, but it’s also very relatable for people. I feel like listeners can definitely relate to feeling frustrated, stressed and wanting to break down. Especially with the times now during a pandemic.

Could you tell us a random, fun fact about yourself?

I love to cook, I actually go buy the nickname “Chef T”. I like whipping it up in the kitchen and posting it for my followers to see, I have a “Chef T” segment I do. My favourite meal to cook would probably have to be a baked chicken dinner with macaroni pie.

You were introduced to hip-hop/ rap culture from a young age, who were some of your main inspirations growing up & how have they influenced Tara Lord today?

One of my biggest inspirations growing up was my father and he still is to this day. He taught me so much throughout my music career and still continues to push me to my biggest potential. He trained me from when I was a little girl and taught me skills that I still use today.

You originally started making music under the moniker Little T before changing to your birth name back in 2018. How would you describe the ways in which you’ve grown and developed as an artist since then?

I feel like I’ve grown so much as not only an artist but as a person. Now being an adult I’m able to write about personal life experiences I’ve gone through. My songwriting skills have definitely gotten to a whole other level. Since I have been in music for so long, over the years I’ve perfected my creative process and I feel more confident in the skills I’ve developed along the way.

How has your city influenced your sound if at all?

Toronto is such a diverse city and that’s what I love about it. My music is influenced by so many types of music such as Afrobeat, Latin and Dancehall. I love being inspired by cultures from around the world, living in Toronto has given me the opportunity to learn so many types of music from around the world. Although I am from Toronto, I don’t limit myself to only Toronto. I plan on making it out of the city and making everyone there proud!

Which do you find more challenging to you as a writer, writing the raps or performing them?

Although I enjoy both, I feel like writing the raps is more challenging. Sometimes I can bang out a verse in 30 mins and other times I find myself rewriting and editing the same verse, which takes longer. After I write a verse I like to practice it a bunch of times, so when I record it, it’s perfected and exactly how I want it. Performing on the other hand is different since I’m performing songs that I am familiar with now and have gotten to perfect.

Looking to the future, which other artists would you like to collaborate with & why?

That’s honestly such a hard question to answer since I have so many favourite rappers. But I would definitely have to say, Drake. He’s the king of the city and I’m tryna be the queen. It would be a crazy accomplishment for Canada and honestly, a dream come true. I really respect his artistry and ability to stay so consistent in the industry for so many years. A Drake x Tara Lord collab would go crazy!!

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Q&A: Tara Lord
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