Q&A: Sola

South London-based artist, Sola, crafts stunning tracks that are raw, emotive and otherworldly. Each track she makes and produces has a certain unique quality. From special vocal deliveries to R&B influenced production, Sola has been making a name for herself thanks to her artistry.

We had a chat with Sola to celebrate the release of her new single ‘White Space’ and to find out more about her new EP ‘Mami Wata’ plus loads more.

Your new single ‘White Space’ is out today. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the single? 

I made ‘White Space’ after binging Nollywood & Blaxploitation movies, so we really tried to reflect this vibe in the music video. It’s about a femme fatale out for revenge, but also the importance of independence, which I think the female protagonists of these films display so beautifully.

You produced the single yourself, how important is it to have full creative control over your music?

I find it really freeing, it allows me to know that everything I’m putting out is a true and accurate representation of myself, my influences, and experiences.

Drawing on R&B traits with a future soul vibe, who were your key artists to draw inspo on your track ‘Mami Wata’?

Mami Wata is super inspired by the production of Timberland and Missy Elliot, they invented the sound!

You’re signed to Jamz Supernova’s Future Bounce label – how did that come about?

She had supported some tracks from my last project so I reached out when I saw a tweet she posted looking for female producers, and things progressed from there!

Can you tell us about your ‘Mami Wata’ EP?

I made the EP in my bedroom last year, it explores self care, maturing into womanhood, and feminine divinity. The title track is based on the African deity also named Mami Wata, a water spirit similar to a mermaid. Other than “All Mine,” I made and produced all the tracks alone, so am hoping to branch out and collaborate more on my next project.

What are your plans post-covid? Will we be able to catch you live? 

Who knows when we will be truly post Covid, so I’m just trying to take things day by day. I love playing live, so will definitely be planing some shows for when it’s safe to do so.

Any artists we should be listening to right now?

I’ve been really loving Eartheater, she has a new record coming out I’m quite excited for.

Watch the video for ‘White Space’ below:

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Q&A: Sola
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