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A key member of the Caribbean music community, island-pop artist Navy is making waves with her rich sounds. The Domincan singer-songwriter recently shared her new single “One Shot” which was made for days in a heatwave and a fusion of reggae, soul and hip-hop that emits pure happiness. We caught up with Navy to chat about her new single, creating visuals and the term “island pop”. 

Hey Navy, thanks for taking the time to chat to us! 


It’s my pleasure! 


Your latest single “One Shot” is an absolute bop and it featured on New Music Friday! Tell us more about the single. 


Wow thanks! I’m really happy with the response to the song. It’s actually a little on the darker side of my songwriting. It speaks about a past jaded, business relationship. I wrote and recorded it in London last year when we were stuck during the Covid 19 lockdown. The conversation that I had with A&R right before recording had me in my feelings to be honest, and so that emotion transfered into the studio session. 


Your music is often described as Island-pop. What does that term mean to you? 


I love it! I see it as a title that’s closest to what I actually do. In the past the varying genres that comes from the Caribbean was placed under “Reggae”. Now we have Island Pop which better describes the fusions that we hear and enjoy today. 


It’s perfect for the summer months, how emotions do you hope your music will provoke? 


I hope that the music production itself gives a sort of nostalgia,  seeing that my influences come from old school classics. As for the lyrics, no matter how serious or dark that are, combined with the music and melody, I want people to enjoy what they hear, at the same time they are understanding the message. I want joy, happiness, relief, sometimes sorrow or pity, courage and calm. 


Where do you draw the most inspiration from? 


Life. Everything I’ve been through, or witnessed or heard about. 

The video for “One Shot” is also so glorious. Do you think it’s important to be visually creative when releasing music? 


Absolutely! Very important. An artist’s image is not to be played with and first impressions are lasting. We (Pretty Boy Worldwide) wanted people to understand our love for and connection with our ancestors, spirituality and the Universe. 


You’re also the front-woman of Taste Of Pluto – how has reggae developed your own sound as an artist?


Reggae was something I’ve always heard on the radio. There is definitely evidence of a little bit of reggae and dance hall vibe to my island sound. To me, there are many Caribbean “flows” that sound like reggae or dancehall to be honest. What makes it unique for me, are the nuances, slangs and languages used in such melodic styles. 


What are you looking forward to doing most this year? 


I am most looking forward to growing my fan base and having them interact with me maybe through live performances, or even on social media. There is so much about me and my culture that I want to share with the world. 

Can you tell us three up and coming artists we should be listening to?


DWN, Marwin and Cay Hill ! 

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Q&A: Navy
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