Q&A: Mimi Bay

Swedish multi-instrumentalist Mimi Bergman – best known as Mimi Bay – curates delicate Gen Z tunes that leave you floating on a high. With sugary, sweet vocals and intricate lo-fi, bedroom pop sounds, her music is seriously cool. Recently releasing her new EP far from home, we caught up with Mimi to chat about the release, finding inspiration in the personal and potential live shows.

Hey Mimi, how’s your year looking so far?

Good! Feels like things have stated falling into place, creatively and personally. I’ve just been focusing on making music and finishing my ep which has been heavy work but very fun.

Your EP “far from home” is out now, tell us about it. 

far from home is like pages out of my diary, very personal and very me. This body of work is about trying to figure things out when home turns into your parents house and you have to look for it in new places and people. It’s about moving forward from childhood into young adulthood and learning from the experiences on the way.

We love the lo-fi pop sounds, where do you find the best inspiration? 

Not sure so many people and things inspire me but I take a lot of inspiration from the feeling of a song or what a lyric or a poem makes me feel.

How do you think you’ve changed as an artist since first releasing in 2017? 

Learning hoe to produce my own music has opened so many new doors for my creative process. Looking back I can feel almost a little claustrophobic being limited to just the ukulele but that was all I had back then. Seeing how much I’ve changed since 2017 makes me excited for the future.

All your music is very personal and intimate, do you draw on your own experiences when deciding what to write about?

I use music and lyrics to process what I’m feeling or going through so my own experiences and thoughts always end up in my songs. I think it’s difficult to write about other peoples experiences compared to writing about my own. I find it very rewarding to kind of cleans my mind through instrumentals or lyrics.

We loved your collab with Stevan, what did you learn about yourself during that collaboration?

Maybe that I need to not doubt myself so much and I need to remember that i’m good enough for me.

Are you hoping to work together with more artists soon? 

Definitely, I love taking part in other peoples creative processes and have them take part in mine.

What have you been listening to lately?  

I’m always listening to Trick by Alex Sandy G. Such a great album.

And finally, where can we catch you live this year? 

News coming up soon

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Q&A: Mimi Bay
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