Q&A : Martha Hill

An alternative indie musician from Newcastle, Martha Hill, is on the verge of releasing her third EP.  At 17 years old, she began busking and is now paving the way for herself. Martha has been incredibly busy organising her festival earlier this year, ‘Women are mint’ This happened online but was equally as fantastic. However, if you do want to see Martha live, then you’ll be happy to know she’s going on tour this October!. “Dog Hearted Man” is coming out this summer on the 25th of June, be sure to check it out!

Your EP ‘Dog Hearted Man’ is out on the 25th of June, how are you feeling about that?

Cannae wait!!! Feels great to be releasing music again, and it’s class to know that I’ll be playing these tunes live on my October tour as well.

What or who inspired you to start making music, anyone in particular?

It just kind of happened to be honest. I wrote songs and played in bands all through my teenage years, then when I left home, I started busking out of necessity cause I was 17 and couldn’t get any bar work or anything. One thing led to another and here I am!

You recently held the ‘Women are Mint’ festival, could you talk a little about what that was like?

Yeah, I was really happy with how it went. Obviously, it would have been mint to have it live, but it felt really important and appreciated by audience and the artists to do it online, and the whole thing was a success really which was nice! haha

This is your third EP that is coming out later this month, what is different about the process of making this one?

The process was actually pretty similar to the Summer Up North EP (the EP before, also recorded with producer Julien Flew during the pandemic) but we managed to do some more face to face work this time in an actual studio which was lush because the “zoom studio” buzz had definitely worn off haha. As a result, it’s got some more organice elements in it like trombone, percussion, cello and trumpet.

You recently released a new single ‘Boom’. What was the inspiration behind this?

I wrote Boom when I was playing trombone for Holy Moly and the Crackers, and you can definitely hear the more bluesy influences in it. I don’t like to go into too much depth about lyrics, especially for this one, as I think it’s more creating a mood rather than telling a story, and I want you to take from it whatever you want!

How would you describe the sound of your music?

Kind of indie/alt pop, with more jazzy vocals and some other bits and bobs going on. Not shit pop haha.

Is there anybody you would dream to collaborate with in the future?

Bon Iver! That would be a dream. I want him to put my voice through all those machines haha.

Thanks for talking to us!

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Q&A : Martha Hill
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