Singer-songwriter LP has over two billion streams to her name. Impressive right. Her global fan following is ever increasing and her work continues to thrive on inclusivity. An artist who revels in her uniqueness and incredible pop stylings, LP has just announced the release of her new album CHURCHES. Ahead of the release, we caught up LP to discuss all things music. 

Hey LP! Your songs have been hits across the globe, going Diamond, Platinum and Gold in countless different countries. What is it about your music that you think makes it so universal?

I think I’m inclusive, for all the statements I make and who I am in the world. I’m inclusive with my music and it’s addressed to everybody. If people like a song, they might think normally ‘I wouldn’t have listened to this person just seeing them’, but now they hear, and it makes them inclusive in themselves. I’ve said this before about ‘Lost On You’ – I don’t think that when it started to hit anybody knew what they were going to be looking at.

Do you purposely try and capture the attention of a global audience, or is it just doing what you like, and it resonates with people?”

Definitely the latter. I don’t try and do that, and that was one of the harder parts of me emerging as an artist in my own right. I was eclectic, and had a not-so-American sound, and it was difficult for me to bust through and get out there in that way. And then the way that ‘Lost On You’ initially hit, I was in a good place in my career that I was able to license the song in many different countries. And that was the whole reason that what’s happening today is happening. Maybe it’s because I have a more global sound than an American sound.

How do you stay true to yourself in an industry where there are so many moguls, opinions and people trying to put you into boxes?

As social and open and immersive as I think I am, I also allow myself to be in my own bubble unapologetically. I’m doing this, I look like this, I sound like this, and I don’t care. I definitely care that it impacts people, that it gets to people, but I can’t care in the creation of it. With a song like ‘One Last Time’, I wasn’t like ‘yeah this sounds like a big American hit’. But I’ve been afforded the ability to span some genres and so I just do it, to keep myself protected in a way. And then I unleash myself on the world.

How much does your personal image and style play a part in your persona as a musician?

I think it’s a creation of sorts – its almost like my own presence is a creation in itself and I think a lot of artists are. For me, people know I’m an artist on sight – it’s not like ‘I bet that person’s a gynaecologist!’….I think style always plays into music.

What’s different about the way you write a song for someone else versus how you write one for yourself?

I used to try harder to think about the person I was writing for…or make things universal even in my own work. When I write for myself, I get much more specific.  Sometimes if I wrote for someone else, I’d try to take a vacation from myself and my own voice and situation. That was the ten years ago version – now I just write it, even if its from my own perspective. Sometimes you do yourself a disservice if you write for other people and don’t mind your own psyche. Other artists might want to do a song because it resonates with them, and they’re already a fan of the song, so you’re writing it for a fan anyway.

Like countless others around the world, you’ve had to postpone tours because of Covid. How have you been connecting with fans over the lockdown period?

“I’ve been trying with Instagram but its not easy to get to everybody, and I can’t DM everybody, so it gets a little scattered. I feel like I’m liking as many posts as I can, but some get lost in the algorithm. I try and spend no more than an hour a day on Instagram and that’s too much already.

Can you tell us a bit more about ‘Goodbye’ and what you’ve got coming up for the rest of the year?

‘Goodbye’ was kind of the end of me dicking around and being like I need to get my affairs straight in my personal life. And it’s interesting because it was a premonition for the pandemic, it started pre-pandemic. It’s interesting to kick off a record with a song like that.

Thanks for chatting to us! LP’s new album CHURCHES is out October 8th.

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