Q&A: Kara Connolly

Kara Connolly is a singer-songwriter, combining pop, folk and country music into her own unique sound. 

Recently releasing her single ‘Other People’, the genre-defying artist sat down with us to chat about the single and her upcoming album.

Hey Kara, thanks for speaking to LOCK! Tell us about your latest single ‘Other People’.

Thank you for having me. ‘Other People’ is a song off of my upcoming record that means a lot to me. It’s about when you get out of a relationship and how strange it is to think that other person is still out there, going through the daily motions of their life, just without you. I originally wrote it on the guitar, but during the production process we ended up taking the main instrumental melody to the keys and turning it into a bittersweet indie-pop tune with strings, which is what you hear. It’s my favourite song off of the record because I feel like I finally found a way to express this bittersweet emotion I was feeling off and on, but couldn’t quite find the words for.

The music video is also really cool, do you enjoy creating visuals for your music?

Thanks for watching! I really do. I love to create the world that each song lives in from the single cover to the promo material to the music video. It’s a lot of work to create the content and also a consistency across all mediums, but it’s also something that I’m definitely passionate about. I want the visuals to allow you to enter my headspace a little more and let you live out a bit of the music’s storyline.

Your album ‘Life In Rear View’ is coming out soon – what can we expect from the record?

Expect a lot of storytelling, pop hooks, and percussion, but also a little bit of something different from each track. The record all comes from personal experience and I hope it can encourage listeners to let go of what no longer serves them, acknowledge their self-worth, and never settle for less than the love and respect they deserve. It all takes place in that in-between period post-break-up into finding new love, but I don’t consider it a traditional break-up album. It centers around embracing vulnerability, friendship and finding yourself through acknowledging your self-worth and not accepting love that isn’t what you want as the first step to finding the love we’re actually searching for. There is a lot of love on the record even though it begins with an ending.

We’re really digging your blend of pop and folk with a whisper of country. Is there any one genre that you particularly love?

I love many genres, which is where I think my blend of sounds comes from. My dad was a doctor in the Navy growing up and so we moved around a lot before I hit middle school. I listened to different artists who were popular in the various cities I lived, many in different genres. I don’t know that this is a genre, but I absolutely love female singer-songwriters of all kinds. I’m very drawn to women who use their voice to express their experience in a unique way.

We discovered that you started singing at the age of 6 at a talent show on a cruise with ‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman’. Has Shania Twain influenced your music much since then?

You are correct! Too funny! I remember having my hair in a french twist and then ripping it out and shaking my hair back and forth on stage. She’s definitely one of the female singer-songwriters I was drawn to as a kid. I don’t know that I’m consciously aiming to throw some Shania into my tracks, but I’m sure I’ve been unconsciously influenced by her over the years. Thinking on it, the sense of humour and sassy girl power vibes that come through in some of my songs can also be found in Shania’s music. There is also a hint of country in my stuff that people pick up on. I’m sure I was inspired by her on some innate level.

Can we see you on tour in the UK soon?

Oh my gosh, I hope so! That would be a dream come true. I hope by the end of this year I’m opening for some killer European act!

What can we expect from you throughout 2019?

Expect the full album to come out, more live shows, more visuals, and ultimately more self-discovery of where I’m headed as an artist. I’m going to try new things this year and experiment/explore a little bit more…this album will definitely not be the last you hear from me in 2019.

Thanks for speaking with us!

Thank you for speaking with me and to whomever is reading this for your time! xo

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Featured image by Betsy Newman Photography.

Q&A: Kara Connolly
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