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Q&A: Iris Gold

Iris Gold is a Danish Singer-songwriter who has performed across the globe. Her infectious brand of feel good Soul-Pop has seen the artist previously open for the likes of Taylor Swift, Blur, and Miguel.

Now, Iris is back with her debut album Planet Cool, a vibrant and upbeat record that celebrates diversity and showcases what Iris’ perfect world would sound like.

We spoke to the rising artist about her debut album, touring and tea. 

Hi Iris, let’s talk about your debut album Planet Cool, can you tell us about the two-year process behind it?

It’s been more than two years in the making actually. There are songs On there that are four years old, that were written on loops and breaks, but hadn’t been produced yet. I finished up the album though in the past two years while being On tour.

Fundamentally, the album is your vision of an ideal world and a celebration of your past experiences, influences and collaborations. Why was now the right time to release it?

I felt Like being out touring in Europe and seeing the response to my Music was a definite catalyst. No matter what country I was in, no matter the age or background, people seemed to react the same to my love revolution.

As well, I finally signed with a label Who actually would let me release my kind of music.

Are there any particular tracks you can’t wait for your fans to hear from the record?

‘Planet Cool’! It’s the title track and describes the my idea of a brand new  world where we can rewrite the rules and push peace to the max.

Two of your older tracks ‘Goldmine’ and Colour Trip’ garnered a huge amount of critical praise from various big names and websites -and rightly so! How did you react to all the positive feedback?

 I was so excited! I didn’t know what to expect, but there was a part of me that thought it was normal and thats what would happen every time i released new music.


Iris Gold – Photography by Joshua Fry


You have opened for the likes of Taylor Swift, Blur and Miguel, what were the biggest lessons you learnt from those experiences?

Everybody gets nervous before they go on stage, doesn’t matter if you’re up and coming or a Veteran in the game.

‘Good Life’ from the album, was written in your uncle’s truck right? Could you please tell us how that happened?

Yeah the verses were. He picked me up at 4am and we drove around  eating bacon sandwiches and sipping tea and the song just kind of came out of that vibe.

Early on in your career, you were in various projects like a band put together by Alex James of Blur, Would you say that your previous musical projects helped you discover your truest sound?

It definitely helped me hone my craft. It taught me how to write songs and the discipline it takes to finish a song and not just start new ideas constantly.

If you could write a song for anyone, who would you like to write for?

I would love to write for Lizzo. I love her energy, stories and hooks.

As an artist who has never had the ‘right’ record deal come through (until now), due to their being hidden catches such as music executives wanting to shape your sound, do you think it’s possible to have a record deal and maintain 100% artistic integrity?

Yes and no, labels are constantly assessing what works on Spotify and other streaming services, when you’re creating music that doesn’t really fit into one particular box, it can be difficult trying to succeed and thrive in the industry.

Are you excited to play two UK dates this month?

Yeah! Can’t wait to come back to where it all started. Nile Rogers is playing Standon Calling, so hopefully I’ll get to meet him.

What would you be doing career-wise if you didn’t pursue music?

Making tea! I bloody love tea. I even have an Iris Gold branded tea called ‘Color Trip’.

Finally, is there anything you would like to add?

Whatever makes you different makes you special. Long live diversity!

Planet Cool is out now.

Watch the video for Iris’ new single ‘A Lot To Give’ below.

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Featured image by Joshua Fry

Q&A: Iris Gold
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