Q&A Interview: Million Miles

French born soul singer Million Miles is ready to take over the world with her stunning, soulful vocals. She recently released her brand new single ‘If Only’ and it is receiving rave reviews. 

Here we speak exclusively to Million Miles to discuss her latest release, career goals, musical inspirations and more

Growing up, who inspired your love of music?

My household growing up was all about soul, Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder and then Carole King. Once all of that seeps into your bones on a daily basis, it’s very difficult not to be inspired.

Your new single ‘If Only’ is out now, what exactly inspired the track?

‘If Only’ was a track I wrote a while back. It was inspired by bad timing I guess, friends saying “if only this, if only that, it’s not the right time.” We hear it everywhere about work, relationships – I thought ‘if only’ was a nice phrase to encapsulate that feeling. 

And the overall vibe of your own music – how would you describe that?

My music comes from the experiences I’ve gone through and the music that has been surrounding me growing up, so there’s a heavy dose of soul from my upbringing, a bit of blues, folk and then all the Nashville vibes I could soak up whilst I was making my record there. 

Are there any new artists that are you’re currently listening to?

Alvvays, Jordan Mackampa, Blanco White, Sharky, Rina Mushonga, Middle Kids, Aldos Harding, Julia Jacklin. The list goes on. 

What do you hope fans take from the new single?

You always hope they enjoy it! And, because I write about experiences of relationships and lost love, I guess I hope people find something in it that they can connect with. 

So, can we expect an album any time soon?

Depends on your definition of soon . . .

Do you have any touring plans approaching ?

I’ve just come off the back of a mini US tour, playing New York, Boston, Nashvile and LA. My next show is in London at the Camden Assembly (July 26th) and then there will be some more touring after the summer. 

You were born in Paris and trained at Berkeley College, Boston – how would you describe the contrasting music scenes ?

Boston was a great experience and it’s an amazing training ground as a young musician, to be surrounded by so many talented people – it constantly keeps you on your toes and pushing yourself. Paris, similar to London or New York, gives you more scope in terms of venues and bands you are able to go and see – both have been really important place holders in my career.  

What are your long term career goals?

To make music which is good for the soul. That’s all I can ask for.

You can listen to ‘If Only’ by Millions Miles below.

Interview by Laura Klonowski

Featured Image by Sequoia Ziff

Q&A Interview: Million Miles
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