Q&A Interview: Mavi Phoenix

Mavi Phoenix is a 22 year-old singer, rapper, and producer. LOCK caught up with the Austrian musician, to find out a bit more about her. 

Hey Mavi Phoenix! Your real name is Marlene Nader, tell us why you chose to be known as Mavi Phoenix.

I was inspired by River Phoenix – an actor who died at a very young age. I think I read something about him. Also “Phoenix” sounds very big and majestic. I like that.

How would you describe your sound?

After all it’s pop music. Even though I am influenced by sounds and genres from all over the place, at the end of the day “pop” is what keeps a Mavi Phoenix song together.

You were born and grew up in Austria, how has your background influenced your music?

I dare say not very much. I was always squinting to America when it came to music and popstars. My favourite artists were all making music in English too… I never even thought about doing something in the German language.

Tell us about your process when writing new music – what inspires you to write?

I get an instrumental sketch sent and then the first thing popping into my head is the singing melody. Then I think about the lyrics, which mood the beat brings me into, what it inspires me to write about. It’s all very freestyle-ish. I am not the one to go over lyrics for a week.

Which female artists are you inspired by at the moment?

For example: 070Shake. It seems to me that she is being herself so unapologetically. That’s very inspiring to me. I love Santigold, Charli XCX… And Rihanna forever.

You’ve been compared previously to Sky Ferreira, Charli XCX and MØ, is there any female artist that you’d love to collaborate with in the future?

I’ve just discovered Lolo Zouai and I love her style and voice. I don’t know too much about her but sometimes she sings in French too which is very dope.

How have you found working in the music industry as a 22 year old female?

You know sometimes it can be kind of tiring, just as being a young female outside of the industry can be. But I see it like that: if I have the chance to be a strong example for other girls and women than that’s all that matters. It helps me pushing forward.

You’ve dropped two EPs and a number of singles so far, what’s next for Mavi Phoenix?

Another EP, a lot of songs I’m very proud of. I got a tour in whole Europe coming up this fall. I am determined to show even more of myself, of my personal side because I feel it can help a lot of people out there. You’ll see.

Mavi Phoenix

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Q&A Interview: Mavi Phoenix
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