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Beth Duck is a fast-rising electronic-pop artist from London and a sound engineer at a recording studio. After putting down a microphone she was fixing upon answering my phone call for our interview, she temporarily swapped her role as a producer, for her artist mindset.

Hello Beth. Please, tell me a bit about yourself…

Beth Duck: I’m a singer songwriter in London and I’ve been writing music probably since I was about 14. It started off as country and now somehow it’s become electronic pop. I also produce for myself on the side, although all my songs have been collaborations so far, because I prefer to collaborate with other artists as it inspires me more. And as you’ve just heard, I’m also a sound engineer in a studio, because that’s what women do now!

How would you describe your music?

Beth Duck: I would say it’s sassy, electronic pop like the kind of song that you would listen to after you’ve broken up with someone and you want to hate them. It’s like a happy, pop song with some savage underlying meanings.

What genre would you say you are?

Beth Duck: I used to think I was chilled electronic music especially with ‘Everyday’, but now I think I’m definitely going a lot more towards pop, like ‘Sick of Love’ is one of my most “pop” songs, and ‘Calm Waters’ is kind of the middle ground that merges the chilled genre with the pop. But yeah I would put myself in the electronic pop category especially with what I’m moving towards at the moment.

What’s the songwriting process like for you and how would you say being a producer affects that?

Beth Duck: If I’m writing on my own I just get out my guitar and start playing around with some melodies and some lyrics, but mainly it’s when a producer will send me a track for a collaboration and then I’ll listen to it and I’ll kind of know from the first time I’m listening to it if I’ll be able to write something on it. The melodies just kind of hit me straight away and the lyrics just come naturally because songwriting is like my therapy; I always write about something that’s on my mind.

What inspires you as an artist and gives you ideas for your music?

Beth Duck: Heartbreak is the root of all my songs – I just take a bad break-up and use it to my favour. There’s no better way to get over some heartbreak than writing a song that you know your ex is going listen to – it’s a way of getting back at them without actually having to talk to them again. I’ve learnt to just take all the bad stuff and empower myself with it by just turning it into a nice little pop song.

Which artist are you influenced by?

Beth Duck: The person that got me into songwriting was John Mayer, because even though we have completely different styles now, I think all of his songs sound like poetry. All of his songs, no matter what they’re about, always impact on me in some kind of way because of how beautifully written they are regardless of the situation – they’re just so compelling. I decided if I can feel better listening to his music, then I’ll feel better writing my own music. So that’s how he influenced the way I write my lyrics – they’re definitely quite honest and symbolic with some underlying meaning which I guess I picked up from his poeticism.

How would you describe a ‘Beth Duck’ song in 3 words?

Beth Duck: Cold but emotional. Cold because they’re very ‘I don’t care about anything’, but also at the same time you can clearly tell there’s a lot of emotion in it and I’m not actually that cold – it’s like pretending not to care, but I obviously do because I wrote a song about it.

What would you like your audience to take away from one of your gigs?

Beth Duck: I always used to say that when people listen to my music I want it to help them get over someone, the way it helped me. But if they came to my gig I would like them to go home thinking that my music spoke to them in some kind of way and that they had a good time, but also got the messages from the songs and left feeling empowered. I want them to leave feeling like they don’t need no man[/nobody].

‘Sick of love’ has over 3 million streams across the major streaming platforms. How did such exposure impact your career as an unsigned artist?

Beth Duck: It has helped me a lot in terms of getting more work – like I get emails from people now reaching out to me whereas I was always the one reaching out to them. And sometimes even if it doesn’t go anywhere, creating a buzz around your name is always a good thing. But it has also helped me to collaborate with other producers as well, like Jack Wilson from Fickle Friends – and we’ve been working on a really exciting project *spoiler alert*!

How do you see your sound progressing in the next 5 years?

Beth Duck: Experimenting, experimenting, experimenting…I feel like I’m getting more and more “poppy” as the days go on, so I see myself getting deeper into the pop vortex. At the same time, I also love electronic music and vocal sampling, probably because I’m a producer, so I will definitely play around with that more, but I think I really want to bring something different as well. So I think there will be a lot of experimenting until I find the right sound. But I think I’m getting closer to finding my style with my next single ‘Blue’ which is set to come out in July.

What’s your favourite song to perform live?

Beth Duck: I think probably ‘Sick of Love’ just because it gets the best crowd reaction – people are always singing along and dancing and it’s the song that everyone’s waiting for. It’s so rewarding to see people really getting into my music and this is the song that definitely does that to a crowd.”

Beth Duck

Beth Duck – photography by Jess Duck.

You can catch Beth Duck at The Gladstone Arms, London on the 30th of June.

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Interview by: Phoebe De Angelis 

Featured image by: Jess Duck

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