We spoke to GRANT, Sweden’s latest alt-pop star in the making.  Have a read of the Q&A below to find out about her new single ‘Words’, musical influences and more.

Hi GRANT, tell us about your new single ‘Words’…

Hey! Thank you so much! It’s about how words of comfort are addictive, yet the more I hear them the more I seem to question them.’Words’ represents your feelings when entering a new relationship.

Do previous experiences inspire all of your songs?

I’d say my songs are solely based on previous experiences but they can be inspired by a fantasy or a hangup, something I’ve read or seen that spins my thoughts.

We loved the music video. Where did you get the ideas for it? Did you draw on some of your real life?

Absolutely! I wanted it to be a scene out of everyday life, and initially I wanted my own boyfriend to be in the video but he’s too shy so I borrowed my best friend’s, haha! It turned out kind of perfect though because we mirror each other in our red hair, and in a way that felt symbolic for the way you start to mirror each other in a relationship. It’s a cute detail.

How would you describe your sound to new listeners?

I guess I have a thing for drama and tend to write with that larger than life urgency even when it’s about something small. I draw a lot of inspiration from different genres like jazz, trip hop and electronica though the structure is pop.

Your influences include Massive Attack and Björk, who else would you say inspires your sound? 

I was raised on Bowie, Edith Piaf and 4 Non Blondes. It’s a weird mix but they’re all really important to me. In recent years I’ve learnt a lot about house and disco through my crate digging DJ boyfriend, and it has definitely had an impact on me.

In 2019 you were nominated for Newcomer of the Year at Grammis (Swedish Grammy Awards). Congratulations! What was it like when you heard you had been nominated?

Thank you! It was overwhelming to be honest! I didn’t expect it and I was so happy and so proud.

In your debut album In Bloom you explored themes of mental health and self-love, are these themes key to the music you wish to create in the future?

They are, in a way. I still struggle a lot with both of those things. In the present moment my music has naturally centered around my relationship, but the perspective hasn’t changed and so I look at my relationship through that same lens. It’s what urges me to write.

What’s on your playlist right now? Are there any artists you would recommend?

I’ve had Grimes’ new album on repeat since it dropped! I’d also like to recommend my fellow Swedes Lune and Esther, both incredibly talented.I have a playlist through my official Spotify page with a bunch of stuff I listen to if anyone’s interested!

What can fans expect from your new EP due later this year?

I delve deeper where it hurts and itches with a hopeful resolution.

How are you coping with lockdown at the moment?

I’m turning into a four year old. A lot of learning, growing and imagining, but also tantrums. Nap time is also a thing again.

And finally, if listeners take one message from your music, what should it be?

Hold your own.

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Featured image by Angelina Bergenwall
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