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London based artist, Gracie Convert, has been making waves since she made her debut in 2019, but she’s here to stay.  The R&B vibes combined with beautifully written lyrics have allowed the talented artist to rise above the ranks whilst perfecting her craft. We’re six months into 2021 and Gracie has released three addictive tracks that have really made her stamp in the music industry.  We caught up with her to talk about life, being compared to legends and creativity. 

Good morning/good afternoon, when did you first get into music?

Hiii! Aha this is going to sound cringy I’m really sorry, but I did unfortunately sing before I could speak (show out to Disney for their sing along tapes lol) under the sea and colours of the wind were my faves! I guess it was always something that appealed, I always wanted to sing and dance around, it would’ve been difficult for me to not get into it I think.

You’re French and British, do you think your French heritage affects your songwriting in any way when it comes to experiencing different cultures?

No doubt about it!! I love french R&B and Hip-Hop, I still bang out songs I used to listen to when I was 12 years old. I really looked up to artists such as Zaho and Amel Bent, they’re really sick. My Mum and I never stayed put for very long so I grew up darting around between France, England and South Africa, I’d say it was in Cape Town I really got into R&B for the first time, everything followed from there really. God knows how many hours I spent dancing to MTV Bass and VH1 in front of the telly lol.

You’ve become known for raw, emotive vocals and honey-sweet sensuality, how does that feel?

It feels really good! Showing emotion is often considered a flaw unless it’s in an artistic context, it’s nice to be able to let it all out without the fear of being judged, and then for it to be turned into something positive is even better. 

Your previous track ‘On Your Mind’ has been compared to the R&B classic ‘Dilemma’ by Nelly and Kelly Rowland – that must be one of the best compliments any songwriter can receive?

Haha yes a huge compliment indeed, just need Nelly to jump on verse 2 and we’re good to go. But on a serious note, because I grew up to 2000’S R&B there’s always something special about people identifying my influences in what I write.

Your latest track ‘Something Special’ is all about someone sucking the life out of you – do you have any advice for anyone going through the same thing?

Bad energy, stay far away!! If it’s affecting your mental health, leave yes, it’s always easier said than done, but if you feel like you’re losing your identity get the hell out of that relationship, be it romantic or not. Remember what you wanted before you met that person, the things that made you happy,  remember your childhood goals, don’t let anyone deter you from whatever was important to you before you got sucked in by someone who is destructive to your being.

Many publications such as Notion and Guap are calling you an emerging talent, is there any pressure when being called that?

On most days, those are the words that encourage me to keep putting the work in. 

Sometimes when I read these things I feel like people just write them because they feel they have to or feel sorry for me lol, which doesn’t really make sense given I’m an independent artist with no money behind me. Isn’t it called Imposter syndrome?  I’m an unknown artist just starting out, so when publications like Guap (I’ve loved them literally since they started), Notion and Colors (sorry had to mention this one because it was a big one for me!!) recognise my music, I’m like, surely not lol. 

Other times, I low key feel like I’ve put so many hours in. I deserve it. It’s always changing, my mood’s all over the place anyway, but to be honest I think most creatives go through the same thing.

You show your love of R&B, Hip Hop and Rap when presenting your radio show on Soho Radio – which I love.  What’s one artist in those three genres that everyone should be listening to?

Oh thanks!! It’s so fun to be a part of and it. I’m going to go with Deante Hitchcock, this rapper who is signed to J Cole’s label. I’m a big fan of J cole’s lyricism and Deante’s give me a similar feeling when I listen to him. Nayara Iz, I think she’s one of the most exciting artists to come out the UK right now, obsessed with Damso too, he’s a french artists and his songs bang, would recommend listening to the songs ‘Macarena’ and ‘Godbless’ 

This could be a full on question – what’s the main goal of your creative career?

Honestly, the goal is to make music that can help as many people as possible through their good and bad days, the way my favourite songs have helped me, that would be pretty cool. Other than that, remembering to keep it fun whilst making myself proud, I want to look back as an old lady and be like ‘Yup, I lived life the way I wanted, to the fullest I could at the time’. 

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Q&A: Gracie Convert
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