Q&A: Gabriella Vixen

We had a brief chat with R&B newcomer, Gabriella Vixen. The singer from Kent is already showing promising signs, with previous support from BBC Introducing, Spotify, and Capital Xtra.

Read our Q&A with Gabriella Vixen to get the low-down on her latest single, inspirations, and more.
Hi Gabriella, thanks for speaking to LOCK! Your latest release ‘Fool’ is a great R&B tune, tell us what it’s about.

‘Fool’ is about being a strong woman at the end of a relationship, understanding that you were in a one-sided relationship, being with someone with a big ego and managing to leave feeling strong.

You released the track on Valentine’s Day, what was the reason behind this release date?

I released Fool on Valentine’s Day to show that you can enjoy spending the day with your loved ones, such as friends and family and it doesn’t always have to be about a relationship, especially if it’s bad . Of course there are beautifully spent Valentines Days between loved ones, Fool is a response to the Valentines days spent feeling unappreciated, this year I wanted to spend it with people who appreciate me for me, love me and who know I’m not any sort of Fool. 

What inspires you the most to write empowering records?

Life experience, everyone is going through something. It’s important to have empowering songs, not just sad songs or love songs.

As a writer, it’s important to share my experiences through my music, I know somebody, somewhere, will find one of my songs relatable. And when I receive messages, especially from other women, telling me that my song or my music has helped them get through a certain situation, to me, that is so inspiring!

You’ve been influenced by some R&B queens including Whitney Houston and Ariana Grande, who’s the one R&B artist you would love to work with, in the future?

It would be almost impossible to choose, Chris Brown, Kehlani, Drake, Stevie Wonder- to name only a few. It would be a dream to collaborate with any of those artists.

What’s the one song you can’t stop listening to at the moment?
Switch – 6LACK…. I listen to at least once a day, I love it so much.

Can we expect more releases this year?

I have so much music that I want to release, apart from my next single which is out very soon, there’s no plan set in place yet…. But the music is definitely all there and I will always be releasing!

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Q&A: Gabriella Vixen
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