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If you’re looking for an anthem to curb any f-boy this summer, “Candy” by pop songstress Elle Winter is the one for you. It’s empowering & cheeky and takes aim at anyone overstepping boundaries when it comes to playing games & manipulation. Lock caught up with Elle to discuss “Candy,” her songwriting inspo, and more.

Hey Elle! How has your week been and how are you feeling about the release of “Candy”?

Hey! This week has been jam packed and so exciting! I can’t wait to finally get this song out into the world. 

Can you tell us a bit more about “Candy” and the inspiration behind it?

I wrote Candy as a way to take my power back and turn a frustrating situation into a fun, empowering bop. This song is a soulful, fun, and cheeky song that is basically about not tolerating game playing or manipulation in any relationship. I want this song to be a summer anthem for anyone who doesn’t want their emotions or time to be played with! 

The track is a super lovely pop track that really showcases your artistry. How does pop music enable you to express yourself better than perhaps other genres?

I pull inspiration from so many various genres and artists, but I find that pop music allows me to connect with and reach a much broader audience than other genres. 

It’s built upon some really lovely sonics, what inspires your sound?

I am really inspired by early 2000s pop, especially the female pop icons that essentially raised me musically. I grew up listening to such powerful women such as Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera, all of whom inspired me to chase my dreams and sing my truth. 

The song is cheeky & empowering — it encourages listeners not to take anything less than what they deserve in relationships. What was it like writing it? Did you learn anything about yourself?

I loved working on this song, especially because I was able to work with UK producer, Jungle Boi and song-writer Sinai Tedros. Both of them are so talented and innovative and made me feel so comfortable in embracing a fun, sassy side of myself. 

You’re from New York — how has the city influenced who you are as an artist?

Growing up in NYC, I was constantly surrounded by so many interesting and talented people. The environment was very inspiring and gave me endless outlets for my creativity. From performing at iconic venues like the Bitter End at a young age to performing in acting showcases that helped me begin my professional career, my NYC upbringing made me the artist I am today. 

Your visuals/aesthetic/style are all incredible — when you’re writing a song, do you already have something in mind for it?

When writing a song I do not always have a visual in mind. Sometimes, I am more focused on the lyrics and the emotional aspect of the song. With Candy though I did have a visual in mind while working on it. I wrote and recorded this song at a writing camp in Bermuda looking out at the beautiful cotton candied sky over the ocean. The color palette was so beautiful that the visual aspect of the song was already swirling around in my mind. 

What inspires your songwriting?

I am inspired primarily by my personal experiences, whether a situation or relationship in my life, a conversation with a friend, or even a movie/ tv show! 

What was the first album you ever bought?

I think it was either a Black Eyed Peas album or it could have been Britney Spears, “Baby One More Time”

What has been a big highlight in your career so far?

The biggest highlight has been writing and recording a song about my own personal experiences and seeing people connect to my music at a live performance. To know that I have inspired others with my music and experiencing it with them has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me in my career.  

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

While I love performing live shows and feel so comfortable on stage with a big audience, in my day to day life I prefer quiet nights at home, watching a good tv show and drinking tea.. 

Finally, what’s your go-to karaoke song & why?

I think Stacy’s Mom is the ultimate karaoke song! It’s such a classic! 

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Q&A: Elle Winter
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