Recently teaming up with Gethin Pearson (ALMA) to produce her latest single “Palazzo”, London-based artist E.PARKER is a pop icon waiting to happen. Speaking to LOCK this week, E.PARKER told us about her creative process and being inspired by jazz.

Hey girl, thanks for chatting with LOCK. How are you? 

I’m great! Thank you for chatting with me too. 🙂

Your latest single “Palazzo” has some real Lorde vibes – who influences your music the most? 

Palazzo was just inspired by my friends and the parties we used to go to. I’m inspired by my own experiences and the inner world I escape to. Sonically, I’m becoming very inspired by jazz, blues and cinematic, dramatic music. Obviously this isn’t evident in Palazzo at all, but I think you can hear it in Godspeed and Girl and it’s definitely obvious in the music I’m writing now.

Talk us through the creative process of writing your music. 

The creative process for me always starts with a colour scheme and very strong visuals, which then leads me to a song title. I usually roll these around in my mind for a while and the song grows from there. I’ve described it as a similar process to sculpture before, like I start with a title, I know what the song ‘looks’ like and I play around with words and chip away at things that don’t fit until I find what does.

You’re now based in Hackney but lived in Australia for a while, where do you feel the most inspired?

I have always felt very inspired in London, up until recently. I think the anonymity that comes from being in big cities can be very inspiring. Being confronted with the realisation that you are tiny and insignificant can be empowering, you feel like you can be anyone and do anything. Now I feel like I need to chase that feeling and seek it out somewhere new.

Your music is an amalgamation of electronica and pop, what was your favourite genre growing up?

I had pretty basic Top 40 music tastes growing up, so I would just say pop music, although I was exposed to a lot of great classical music too.

If you could only say three words to your idol, what would those words be?

I’ve recently been doing a lot of reading on old Hollywood stars, my artist name is even an nod to an actress named Eleanor Parker. I become super obsessed with a fabulous queer actress called Tallulah Bankhead and if I could travel back in time, I guess I would say- ‘Fancy a drink?’

When can we next catch you on tour? 

Hopefully soon! I am rehearsing a lot at the moment and have now put together a full band, so I’m hoping to start playing shows in the Summer.

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Featured image by Sofia Salons.

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