Alternative-pop newcomer, DYLAN, launched her debut single ‘Bad Bitches Beat Heartbreak’ last month. An impressive track that showcases the 19-year-old singer-songwriter’s angelic vocals and sharp lyricism.

We had a chat with DYLAN about the single, forthcoming debut EP and more.

Your debut single came out recently, what has the reaction been like so far?

 It’s been good. Definitely more streams than I was expecting!! I can’t wait to get the rest of the EP out so people have more to listen to.

How would you best describe your sound?

 If Lorde and Lana Del Rey had a love child, and that love child then had a kid with Kendrick Lamar, who then had a baby with Florence and The Machine, It would be my sound.

What inspired you to get into music? 

 It’s my first and only love. There was never a plan not to do music. That and people telling me I wasn’t good enough. It only fuelled my ambition.

Can you tell us about your writing process?

I wish I could explain it without sounding insane. I’m not one of those writers that can sit down and just write on demand, which is frustrating at times. There is never an order regarding lyrics, melody, or chords. I’ll want to feel something, or visualise the way I want a song to be as a whole and suddenly get some sort of idea then write it down as fast I can. I also tend to get myself into situations unintentionally that will then escalate into a song. I have a very hard time talking about what’s going on inside my head, so my therapy is getting it all out in music.

Have you played many live shows yet?

 Playing live is my absolute favourite part of doing music. I am completely obsessed with it. So far, I’ve played three support shows, one festival, and one headline show. I’m putting on a series of club nights (Klub Khaos) at the moment where I invite some of my musician friends to DJ their favourite music, as well as performing myself. The first one was last month and it was sick. I cant wait for the next one at Notting Hill Arts Club in September.

Do you have any secret talents?

I can play the recorder through my nostrils AND the jaws theme on the saxophone. I know, preeettttyyy impressive right?

If you could tour with anyone, who would you like to open for?

Either Lauv or Glass Animals would be the dream. I think my music would be a good balance with theirs. They each have their own space in the alt pop genre. I saw Glass animals live and their energy is to die for.

Tell us about your forthcoming debut EP, ‘Purple’, will it sound similar to ‘Bad Bitches Beat Heartbreak’ or explore different genres?

Bad Bitches, for me, was the perfect song to define my style. The rest of the EP has evolved from this song. Some of the tracks definitely push the boundaries of my sound, but I love that because I can then make it very me. The EP is called Purple because it is a very dark and mysterious colour, yet also has a vibrancy and power to it. It’s the mood for the project. Yes there will be songs about heartbreak, but I’ve tried to find a new way to talk about it rather than appearing ‘damaged’. I want to empower girls (or boys) and make them feel like having your heart broken isn’t the be all end all.

Finally, what else is happening for DYLAN this year?

Global Domination. Just kidding, that’s next years plan.

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