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British artist C Scarlet crafts genre-bending songs for anyone looking for an indulgent escape from reality and her latest release — the euphoric track “Do You Wanna” — is perfect proof of that. The pounding hit from the Milton Keynes singer-songwriter is filled with the traits C Scarlet is quickly becoming known for: atmospheric beats, lush melodies, and infectious hooks juxtaposed with her captivating and unforgettable lyrics. With more and more concerts and clubs opening, C Scarlet became inspired by the future nights out everyone is so desperate to have. Lock spoke with her about her new single, check it out below.

Hey C Scarlet, how’s your week been?

Hiya! My week has been pretty chilled, I’ve been tying up some lose ends with some projects I’ve been working on really, and been doing lots of exercise ready for when I can get out and perform!

You’ve just released the brilliant new single “Do You Wanna”, tell us more about it.

So ‘’Do You wanna’’ was actually written almost 4 years ago. But it was a track I always remembered. I revisited it, rewrote some of the lyrics and had the demo completely refreshed, and I felt this was a good fit to be released just before lockdown was due to be lifted.

The track is a super lovely pop track that really showcases your artistry. How does pop music enable you to express yourself better than perhaps other genres?

Aw thank you. So with pop music, I feel it covers quite a range of sub genres also which gives a good amount of scope to work with. With not feeling too constraint as a result of this, I can be free to sing and write in the way which feels right. I do like to feel a sense of freedom in just every day life, so this helps me express myself.

It’s built upon some really lovely sonics, what inspires your sound?

My sound is very much inspired by the music I grew up to which was mainly RnB, rap and pop. I listen to quite a variety of music, and I like to try and display that in my music.

What inspires your songwriting?

There isn’t one set way in which I become inspired to write a song. It can literally be from a word or phrase I hear or from something I am going through or have gone through. I don’t try to push inspiration as this can inhibit it, so I just make sure I have my phone handy at most times so I’m ready to write whenever I feel inspired.

You’re preparing to release a few more songs later this year, what can we expect from them?

My next few releases are going to be more examples of who I am as an artist, and the next steps I’m going to make in my career.

What was the first album you ever bought?

The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem – Top album

What has been a big highlight in your career so far?

The highlight of my career was something very recent actually, ‘’Do you wanna’’ was voted ‘Track of the week’ by my local BBC Introducing.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

I’ve lived in 6 different countries.

Finally, what’s your go-to karaoke song & why?

I actually don’t like karaoke I’m sorry! I did sing Umbrella by Rihanna when I was very drunk and living in Spain, but I tend to stay away from Karaoke!

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Q&A: C Scarlet
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