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Sometimes you come across an artist who blows your mind. For us, most recently, that has been Polish alt-pop artist Brodka. Sharing our favourite single “Game Change” and also the new single “Hey Man”, Brodka’s artistry is compelling as ever. Ahead of the release of her new album BRUT, which is out later this month, we sat down for a chat with Brodka to discuss everything from writing an album to creating visuals.

Hi Brodka, welcome to LOCK! Let’s start off with the basics, how would you describe your sound to new listeners?

Hi LOCK! Thanks for having me! I would say eclectic, vivid and pictorial.

Where do you take your inspiration for writing from? Would you liken your sound to any other artists?

My writing process is always very intuitive. When I’m writing music, I usually record a lot of vocal takes and see where the melody takes me. Some of the melodies on the album were written in that very first take.  Of course, I’m inspired by many artists and I’m listening to other people music during the writing process. For example, I discovered Broadcast a few years ago, and I was totally blown away. I was telling my producer “I want my new album to sound like that” but at the end of the day there is always a moment when you leave the inspiration behind and you start to create your own language and your own palette. And that’s the whole beauty of making an album.

Tell us more about your album BRUT. How would you describe the album in 5 words?

Emotional, dystopian, adventurous, dynamic, bold

Did you envisage a dystopian theme for the album from day one or did the tracks simply merge to create something so amazingly unique?

I started to work on this album 2 years ago when the world was still as we remembered it. Everything was turned upside down in the last year when I was recording in London. It felt really crazy and insecure, not knowing what comes next. Many of my lyrics tell about the feeling of longing, lack of safety, and apocalyptic vision of the world, so for sure the pandemic influenced the album topics a lot.

Which is your favourite track from the album and why?

I really like “Fruits”, a simple romantic song about the relationship full of metaphors to planting a tree and taking care of its fruits.

We love the single “Game Change”. As advocates for women in the music industry we stand by the track’s theme of challenging patriarchy within modern societies. We understand the song was inspired by the removal of abortion rights in Poland, can we expect more music from you inspired by real-life, modern day issues in the future?

“Game Change” is a song with a pretty universal message. I wanted to create an anthem for all the people that are kind of in the middle and feel that they don’t match certain rules. Let’s admire the diversity!  Hopefully, the situation in Poland will change and my songs will become much more joyful 🙂

The music video for “Game Change” is amazing, from the concept (Albanian Sworn Virgins) to the costumes, and of course the music. Do you have any ideas or plans for the music videos for other tracks on BRUT?

We just premiered the new video for “Hey Man” this week and producing it was so much fun. I love creating stories and videos for my music and I treat BRUT as a multidisciplinary project. I would really like to shoot a video for every single song on the album and push the visuals even further.

Which is your favourite scene from the video for “Game Change”? We like the scene where your character is lining up to get her card stamped and she spots another woman imitating a man.

The idea for the video has been in my head for a very long time and it was executed exactly the way we planned, so I have to say, I love every single scene of this video 🙂

What advice would you give to other female artists trying to break into the music industry?

Surround yourself with people you trust and be yourself without trying to please everyone, but I guess it’s advice I would give to anyone.

Thanks for taking the time to speak to LOCK!

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Q&A: Brodka
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