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London-based singer-songwriter Bianca Rose recently released the phenomenal single “Skin”. Emotionally charged and paired with an evocative visual the track transcends all expectations. Collaborating with Jake Isaac on the single, their harmonies produce a silky tone that lie upon the melody’s guitar strings to produce an empowering ode to owning your beauty. We caught up with Bianca Rose to talk more about the single, the importance of creating visuals and her forthcoming album.

Hi Bianca! How have you been recently?

I’ve been great you know! Been keeping myself busy creating music which is always a good time.

Your new single “Skin” is so empowering, tell us more about it.

Well I wrote it after Ahmaud Arbery’s murder. We’ve seen so many horrible things on social media, but this one crushed me. I’m not really a person to use social media as an outlet for emotions, so I picked up my guitar to process what I was feeling. What came out was effectively a love song. I just thought, I know so many incredible black men, and there are some people who may not be able to get past their exterior to experience how awesome they are. I ended up writing Skin, to say that I see you, and know you and I think you are so beautiful.

The visuals for the single are also so beautiful and compelling. How important is it for you to create visuals for your music?

Listen! Pouring my creativity into visuals is a big passion of mine! I love creative direction, and I’m super involved, from moodboard to WeTransfer. I think it’s so important to create visuals for music that are not only a promotional tool, but are really communicating something, that are compelling and beautiful and encourage the audience to feel something. I worked with an incredible filmmaker Cat Couture to create the visuals for Skin and all the visuals for If You Knew, Would You Care? She’s like my creative twin, she cares so much about each element and can literally do everything!

You teamed up with Jake Isaac on this track, what was the collaborative process like for you?

I’ve been working with Jake for a while now, he’s a friend, well more like an annoying brother, so the process is great because it’s honest!  We can really say how we feel about what we are making, and there is a comfortability that is so important. I think we create better work when we feel comfortable, because then we are able to really be ourselves and bring all of ourselves to the table. Jake duetted with me on Skin but he also produced it and most of the tracks on my album. We recorded it all remotely which was different, but I had a really great time!

As an artist, what inspires you the most?

I’m most inspired by literature, other artists, my people, plants and life. I’m also really inspired by artists from other disciplines…dancers, actors, fine artists etc. I love listening to artists who work to a really high level talk about their work and process. I don’t know why, but it really gets me fired up to create and push my work to its furthest extent.

Your new album “If You Knew, Would You Care?” is on its way into the world. Is it exciting to release a full body of work?  

Oh I’m so excited to release it! I wrote and recorded it during lockdown so it’s pretty much a document of the time we’ve just lived through. It feels really special to be able to create a kind of sonic time capsule of 2020. I feel really privileged to have been able to do it.

What are you most looking forward to doing this year?

Touring! Hopeful!!

And finally, who should we be listening to right now?

Hmmm, Jennifer Kamikazi, The Vernon Spring’s debut album is stunning, Laura Mvula’s new bits, everything Madison Ryann Ward, Jake Isaac’s new album is a big vibe, Baby Sol’s new single, Sault….I could go on and on!

Thanks so much for talking to us – this video is truly an art piece x.

Thank you!

Bianca Rose releases her second album If You Knew, Would You Care? on May 14th.

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Q&A: Bianca Rose
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