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London-based rock band, Berries, originally consisted of Holly (guitar and vocals) and Lauren (bass), the pair had grown up together in Norfolk, meeting at just 11-Years old. As adults they moved to London, meeting Lucie (drums) and the band ‘Berries’ was made whole. The three-piece have recently gained more tractions thanks to their intricate and gripping musical hooks. We chatted with Holly and Lucie about latest single ‘Copy’ and their journey so far.

Who are your influences and what inspired ‘Copy’?

Holly: Mine and Lauren’s influences are pretty similar, riff driven rocky goodness

Lucie: I didn’t know Biffy Clyro or Nothing But Thieves, until I moved here seven years ago. So when I was younger, I was influenced by what my Dad was listening to too, The Police , UB40, Papa Roach and that pushed me towards punk-rock and metal influences. 

Holly: As a band we were going more towards the subway sounding Biffy Clyro route. Saying that, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Nirvana also influence our style.

Holly, you got to represent ‘Berries’ in supporting Frank Turner, How was that as an experience?

Holly: It was the funniest weirdest thing, because we’d been locked down since March, this gig was in September and in that time the band of course, hadn’t gigged at all. We weren’t rehearsing. I was doing some live online sessions from my lounge, drawing Lauren and Lucie on a whiteboard behind me. Then a couple of months after that, I’m there supporting Frank Turner, it is a bit ridiculous! He is such a lovely guy too, and he continues to support us, adding us to his ’Ones to watch’ playlist, which is amazing exposure for us, the size we are, it’s just brilliant! It blew my mind.

Where has been your favourite Venue to perform?

Lucie: Electric Brixton was crazy! On the day we were trying to calm each other down, but then we looked at the stage and realised how big it was, we were nervous and we were so far away from each other. Though it was all a good stress.

Your lyric video to accompany ‘Copy’ has just been released, but there was a different process with it, tell us about this?

Holly: The plan was to do an actual music video with us in it, but because the timing didn’t work out with lockdown and everything, we gave the most creative guy we knew the job of producing it. He does all our photo’s and video’s, we trust him completely. We just said ok, you’ve got two months, produce a video in your house. So everything you see for the ‘Copy’ lyric video was made entirely in his house, even the smashing of the lightbulb. I think people think we got stock footage online, but it is literally him in his house, he is incredible.

Lucie: I was fascinated by it, I always want footage of the process to go with the product.

Your EP ‘Lies’ came out nearly a year ago now, How does ‘Copy’ fit in your setlist?

Lucie: We wrote ‘Copy’ shortly after Lies and performed it at the launch of our ‘Lies’ EP. It was just a struggle not being able to release it until after lockdown. It was already written way back. But we’re always growing and developing our sound.

Holly: We are now working with the producer Ant Smith. He is such a good influence, we can take onboard all of his ideas and we are always very impressed with what he comes out with! 

What is it like during a pandemic, to finally release a song and hear it back on the radio?

Holly: It was meant to be released last March! So to just finally have the new stuff out and the label behind us pushing it is such a relief. To have BBC 6 Music and Radio X play it and have all of the nice feedback and comments is a really great feeling.

What’s the London music scene like to work within and how does it affect your style?

Lucie: Everytime we play, we meet more people at gigs and become friends, to support each other.

Holly: Yeah we’ve become a bit of a community, I think the London music scene can be perceived as quite cold, but we’ve not experienced that at all, in fact it is the total opposite.

Lucie: Even the person making our music video, he used to be in a band and we became great friends and that’s how we know him. 

You got quite high in the amazon charts the other week, leading on from this what can we expect from you in 2021?

Holly: Yeah, that was a total surprise, but we just hope to grow and grow when releasing new music, we are writing loads at the moment. The label we have behind us now is fully on it all the time, which opens up loads of opportunities. We’ve always been quite DIY, we do everything in house with our manager. So it’s really nice now, to have a full team of people. 

What three underrated artists/bands would you like to give a platform to?

Lucie: I’ve been listening to an Australian band called, ‘Yours Truly’, but they’re not that small as they performed at the ‘Underworld’ but they’re someone I’ve been listening to.

Holly: Oh no just three?! I’m going to be sneaky and say four… ‘Liines’, ‘Tiger Mimic’, ‘Salvation Jayne’ and ‘Bugeye’. They are all amazing.

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Featured Image by Caetano Candal Sato 

Q&A: Berries
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