Q&A: Arlo Parks

Arlo Parks is an eighteen-year-old musician and poet based in London. After receiving critical praise thanks to her phenomenal debut single ‘Cola’, Parks has cemented herself as a key name to watch out for this year. We spoke to the fast-rising artist about her debut EP, creative process and more. 

Hey Arlo, your debut EP Super Sad Generation released at the start of this month. Has it finally sunk in that it is out?

Honestly I’m not sure if it’ll ever sink in – the response has been so overwhelmingly warm I can’t quite believe it

You’re playing The Great Escape soon, please tell us about what the audience can expect from your show?

Expect dad moves and new tunes.

Growing up is always a turbulent time, a time where you try to figure out your identity, Would you say listening to music has helped you discover who you are?

Definitely – I found solace in a lot of sensitive music growing up and that helped me understand my own emotions better. Also listening to music sparked my own passion for writing songs.

As a poet and lyricist who has penned a few confessional tunes (Cola is a great example of this), is it scary when you finally record your ideas or is it a therapeutic process?

It’s a bit of both – so far I’ve been writing so honestly because I didn’t expect anyone to listen to my stuff, it was natural and personally therapeutic. On the flip side writing something down and recording it makes it real and tangible which does always freak me out a bit.

Dream musical collaboration?

King Krule.

The music video for ‘Super Sad Generation’ is brilliant, it visually encapsulates what you sing about in the song, what was it like working with director Molly Burdett on it?

It was wonderful – she’s such an innately creative person and she worked her socks off to realise my  vision. Plus she put up with all my rowdy friends and kept us all focused.

If you weren’t a musician, what do you think you would be doing now career-wise?

I’m actually still at school but I’ve always thought something like journalism.

Where would love to play a show? (anywhere in the world)

New York.

Finally, what is the main message you want to convey with your art?

I’d say the main message is that feeling things is good and that we should speak openly about the things that hurt us.

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Featured image by Chris Almeida.

Q&A: Arlo Parks
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