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It’s been just shy of a month since singer-songwriter Anna Foye released her debut EP “I Hope You’re Happy,” a body of work that succinctly displays Foye’s intricate melodies and introspective lyrics. LOCK chats with Anna Foye about her lead single “Rattlesnake,” making her EP, and more.
Hey Anna! How’s your week been? You just played a gig, how was it?
Hey! My week has been great, yes I had my EP launch gig on Friday which was incredible- I think I am still on an adrenaline high from it haha. 
You’ve just released the brilliant new single “Rattlesnake”, tell us more about it.
‘Rattlesnake’ is a song that I wrote last year about feeling really lost within myself and not knowing how to understand myself the way that everyone around me seemed to understand themselves. As soon as I wrote it I knew it had to be on my debut EP, it has such a drive to it and just sums up my (frequent) mental instability so well.
The track dives into some pretty heavy themes, like insecurity and trauma. What inspired the track?
I think that’s one of the reasons why I love the song so much, it does what a lot of my favourite music does in that it makes you want to dance and has a really groovy vibe to it but all of the lyrics are really depressing and sad haha. It is all about realising you’ve completely lost who you thought you were over time and trying to build yourself back together. The ‘rattlesnake’ theme came after I found a piece of information that said ‘rattlesnakes have a layer of scales to protect them from threats such as physical trauma’. It was like a perfect description of what I was doing in my life and so I leant into it and used it as the key metaphor of the song.
Did you find it cathartic to write it?
Writing is my biggest form of catharsis; to me it is as second natured as breathing or blinking. It has taken me years of practise and graft for the process to be so natural for me but now I am fortunate enough to be able to write as and when I please and I never get bored of doing it, it is just a part of who I am.

Your lyrics are quite vulnerable and distinctive. Is songwriting like a form of therapy for you?

Writing has probably saved me thousands of pounds in therapy bills haha. Whatever I am confronting in my life or whatever emotions present themselves, I am so grateful to be able to process it through sitting at my piano or with my guitar and writing about it. It has gotten me comfortable with looking into the eye of the things that scare me and being vulnerable, which I think is one of the most important parts of good songwriting.
The track is built upon some really unique sonics, what inspires your sound?
I work very collaboratively with my producer, Dan Hennessy, and for Rattlesnake we were very focussed on making something different to what people may have heard before. We used some fairly unorthodox methods throughout the recording process, like one of the key percussion lines is us hitting his kitchen table haha. But we are both just big music fans and we love to learn from our favourite artists; the backing vocals in Rattlesnake were inspired by the BVs on the ‘Gaslighter’ album by The Chicks, and I was definitely leaning into my love for Billy Joel when I wrote the piano line.
“Rattlesnake” is just one track from your debut EP. Can you walk us through this body of work in particular and what it was like making it?
Making ‘I Hope You’re Happy’ was such a healing process; it was all written about different experiences from my formative years, a lot of which were really painful. In creating it, I had to confront a lot of things and revisit old memories, both good and bad. It was almost like looking back at a photo album of my teenage years, something that I don’t think anyone would want to show the world? So when it came to releasing it, I felt like I was baring my soul to complete strangers, it was terrifying ! But that’s the whole point of my writing; the honesty. It’s one thing to write a catchy song, it’s another to be completely open and honest about your most intimate thoughts. And that’s what I wanted this EP to be, challenging for myself and for those listening. 
What was the first album you ever bought?
The first album I ever bought was ‘It’s Time’ by Michael Buble; me and my dad used to listen to a lot of jazz and big band songs in his car, that’s a big part of how I got into singing.
What has been a big highlight in your career so far?
Honestly, my EP Launch show that I have just done is up there. It was my first headline show and the first time I have stood on stage and had a whole audience singing my lyrics back to me- it was incredible. 
What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
I don’t like Chinese food! I normally hesitate from telling people because all my friends and family love a Chinese Takeaway, but I just can’t stand it and it gives me a massive headache ! ( Please don’t hate me! )
Finally, what’s your go-to karaoke song & why?
I have actually never done karaoke! But if I had to pick a song I would probably go for ‘I wanna Dance With Somebody’ by Whitney Houston; if that comes on there’s no way I’m not up and screaming along!

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Q&A: Anna Foye
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