Australian singer-songwriter, Amy Shark, is back with her sophomore album Cry Forever. An album full of perfect pop songs to tug on your heartstrings showcases Shark’s growth and maturity as an artist. We caught up with Amy to talk about making the album, writing with Ed Sheeran, and touring the album. 

Hi Amy, I’m so happy I get to talk to you! Your single, “Love Songs Ain’t For Us” is a beautiful song. What was the inspiration behind the track?

I guess the inspiration behind ‘Love Songs Ain’t for us’ was to try and create a love song, without it being too lovey. Ed and I talked about the butterflies in the initial stages of a relationship, but then also the comfortable phase of a relationship where it’s so nice to finally find someone you connect with and can be comfortable around. So that was the idea of the song, it’s quite hard to write about that part of the relationship, it’s really easy to write about the sexy times. But it’s quite hard to write about love from that angle.

Your new album, Cry Forever is out right now, what can we expect? 

I’d say you can expect to be taken on a bit of a rollercoaster of emotion, it’s called Cry Forever for a reason! It’s very intense and personal in some songs, and I kind of tried to strip back the production a lot too, which makes it a little bit sadder sometimes.

You’ve had such an impressive career for an artist only on their sophomore album. How do you think your music has changed since your earlier releases?

I think, by this time I’m a lot more comfortable as an artist. I’m a lot more confident in my songs and what people expect of me and I’m a little more comfortable showing different sides of myself and really taking the songs to another level. I’m also just a lot more confident in production style and knowing what I want and how to get it and trying to get the songs to shine is a lot easier now. I think I’m just a lot more comfortable in my own skin, as an artist.

Your album has some impressive features! What was it like working with Travis Barker, Keith Urban, and Ed Sheeran? 

I was really lucky to just meet great people along the way. Travis Barker hit me up very early on, he was interested in possibly collaborating on a song. I had to wait for the right song to come along and I thought ‘C’Mon’ was perfect for him. He was great. He was so accommodating and would send me so many drum ideas until we found the perfect beat.

Keith Urban is now a good friend of mine; he asked me to perform with him at the 2018 Australian Music Awards and we became good friends. I was introduced to Ed Sheeran through Russell Crowe, which is crazy.  Ed was a big fan of the first album and invited me to write some tracks with him. That day was just the best of my life and I’m really glad that we got a really great song out of that session.

Your song ‘Everybody Rise’ was a favourite of mine from the new releases, can you tell us a little more about that song?

‘Everybody Rise’ is such a cheeky song. It’s actually just a sad song but the production makes it sound a little cheeky but I’m glad that you like it. It’s basically just about unrequited love and the pain of going through that and watching someone from afar that you think is a little bit out of your reach. I love this song because the pizzicato strings just sound so memorable and iconic at the start of it. For some reason, it sounds like a really uplifting inspirational song but realistically assisted. It’s just another sad girl song.

It is hard not to mention the fact that you have been releasing this new album in the middle of a global pandemic. How has that been? Has it changed your creative process in any way? 

Yes, the pandemic has been a bit of an issue for everyone. Music is such a key part of people’s lives and getting through stuff, so apart from maybe two or three different date changes, everything’s been fine. I wrote the album way before the pandemic so there was no struggle in the writing process. The album was done so I just got to sit with the mixes and make sure that they were perfect. Then it was just a case of deciding when it was the right time to start releasing music. We’re lucky in Australia, it’s looking a lot better over here and worldwide, apart from some obvious countries.  I’m lucky that Australia opened a lot earlier. We’re an island so it’s a lot easier for us to contain everything and get better quickly.

Are there currently any plans for a tour to promote the album?

There is a tour happening in June and July in Australia, I’ll be playing at some pretty big venues. Venues that I never thought I’d ever get to play at some pretty big arenas. I’m very excited to play this album. I love every song, and I’m proud of every song.  I love that I get to play a lot more guitar; there’s a lot of acoustic guitar in this next album, so it’s sounding great. Rehearsals are looking and sounding amazing too. Hopefully, the world opens up a little more and I can bring the show to the UK.

Can you tell us if there’s a song on the album that you’re most excited for people to hear? 

The song I was most excited for people to hear was, ‘Worst Day of My Life’ which has a really great guitar hook in it. There’s a song called, ‘Never Meet Anyone Like Me Again’; It’s really stripped back and there is a strong storytelling thread in that song which I love. ‘What Saved My Life’ is just so fun to play live and the band sounds great. I was definitely nervous releasing ‘Amy Shark’ but people have really connected with it.

What can your fans expect next? 

Probably just more music! I’ve had some time now to write a lot, and I’m always working on something. So hopefully just more and more music and shows in the UK hopefully!

Thanks for talking to us!

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