Ones to watch 2021: Allegra does what she wants

Allegra, pop star on the rise and current cover star of Rollacoaster fashion magazine, is not really one to play by the rules.

From the first line of latest single, ‘Do What I Want’, she proclaims that “boxes are meant for breaking… I’m breaking out of here”, Allegra positions herself as the spokesperson for a generation of young people, whose voices are so frequently drowned out and overlooked. Allegra was inspired to write the song during the first few weeks of lockdown, and it has become an anthem for young people who feel like the quarantine has been impacting their creative freedoms.

The hit song has not only young people all over the world to fight back against the apathy of lockdown and be creative, but has inspired some of the biggest names in dance music to remix it, including Alex Gaudino and Dyson Kellerman. This particular remix prompted a reedit of the music video for ‘Do What I Want’, which was created in response to the piano house version.

All in all, it seems that Allegra is here to stay. We can’t wait to see what the superstar has got up her sleeves for the new year!

Ones to watch 2021: Allegra does what she wants
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