nudista come to terms with life on “confess”

London-based duo nudista come to terms with life on new single “confess”. Written before the pandemic, lead singer Pilar Matji Cabello was feeling overwhelmed with life. Channelling lo-fi sounds throughout the track, it’s hazy guitar twangs and innocent vocals are hypnotising. Pure dreaminess.

“I was coming to terms with life in all its mundanity: working, paying rent, surviving the city, etc and the slow acknowledgement that predictions for life in mid-20s were inaccurate. ‘confess’ is about coming to terms with that process and, eventually, being okay with it – sitting in that feeling, it’s sad but it’s all good.

It’s kind of about me acknowledging that I don’t know how to ‘play’ the game of life and not knowing all of it’s intrinsicate rules that you need to learn, and finding these a bit overwhelming.No one really knows what they are doing. We are all kind of improvising and accepting all of these strange rules that we all need to follow just because we are alive. And that’s it’s okay to feel lost and confused, eventually you start taking things less seriously and it’s been proven if we stop a bit things can become less overwhelming.” 

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Photo credit: maite de orbe 

nudista come to terms with life on “confess”
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