NORA shares the alt-pop single “Boys Getting Bored”

London-based artist NORA releases the fiery alt-pop single “Boys Getting Bored”. A mighty single underscored with hearty bass pulses and woven with pop melodies, it’s an anthem for the ladies tired of being played by stupid boys.

“For so many years I have heard stories from my girlfriends, even girls I don’t know about boys and their ways, one thing that became more and more repetitive in these stories as well as in my own life is where we meet a guy on a night out, get on great, you think that this might become something, fall for the charm and find yourself showing all parts of yourself, only to find out he had a girlfriend all along. I found myself reflecting more and more how these boys do it, and hopefully as the time has gone by now, I have at least become slightly wiser and will see the signs more clearly in the future. This is something I feel most girls can relate to and I simply just want to share this track with all these girls who has gone through this and still are (there are many of us) and to give them a song they can not only reflect on and pour their heart out to when they sing out loud, but also have fun and dance to at pre drinks with the girls. It might be song about boys getting bored, but its certainly is written for ALL my fellow females out there.”

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NORA shares the alt-pop single “Boys Getting Bored”
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