Newcomer fanclubwallet releases the lo-fi “That I Won’t Do”

Canadian newbie fanclubwallet shares the new single “That I Won’t Do”. Dripping with woozy lo-fi sonics, the indie-rock notions gleam with their shimmery presence on the track. The rising singer-songwriter wrote this single and this year’s EP in her bedroom while recovering from a Crohn’s disease flare-up.

When I wrote “That I Won’t Do” I was recovering from a year long illness and re entering into the socializing world (like so many others post pandemic). The song is about dealing with a new relationship/friendship where you aren’t sure whether the person is good for you or not, and you’re not feeling like yourself. It’s about trying to break bad habits while not wanting to break them at all.” 

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Newcomer fanclubwallet releases the lo-fi “That I Won’t Do”
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