Molly Burman shares the dainty single “Little Love”

Haunting vocals and a minimalistic soundscape usually make for an eery listen, but Molly Burman‘s ethereal qualities are exquisite. On new single “Little Love” her vocals take the spotlight throughout, before a bass pattern takes hold and navigates the single into a melodious offering. It’s almost absurd that Molly is only 20 years old, that’s simply not fair.

‘Little Love’ was written about someone I was seeing who would act up in front of their friends. We were never serious or anything ‘deep’ and we ended everything on good terms, but then I would hear them exaggerating everything to their friends and acting as if I was crazy. The more things I heard about me that weren’t true, the more frustrated I got and just really wanted to clear my name!”

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Molly Burman shares the dainty single “Little Love”
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