Michelle Ullestad shares the addictive pop cut “Sol”

Norweigan singer and songwriter Michelle Ullestad shares her new single “Sol”. It’s an addictive pop song with an anthemic chorus that builds into an explorative burst of sound. “Sol” is an exciting number from the 27 year old.

“‘Sol’ (sun) was created by a coincidence,” says Michelle. “I was on my way home one morning, after a nachspiel [an afterparty]. I had fallen asleep the night before. On the way home I called a friend of mine, we shared a smoke in his garden. I asked if they wanted to make a song there and then. And we made the demo of “Sol” together. I tried to write the lyrics so they can be interpreted in two ways: winter depression, or being in love. Although the lyrics are sad, the goal of the song is to make you dance! This song is my favourite.”

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Michelle Ullestad shares the addictive pop cut “Sol”
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