Magi Merlin wants you to take her “To The Beach”

Montréal-based alt-R&B artist Magi Merlin hares the introspective new single “To The Beach”. With woozing synths and expanding sonics, the single is a combination of R&B and neo-soul. Creating music as an act of catharsis, her calmness translates perfectly, capturing a moment of bliss that we feel deeply.

“I tend to overshare through my music, I use it as a tool to process the more important moments in my life. ‘To The Beach” is the perfect example of that creative process. I’ve always had a difficult relationship with my father. I wrote this song after deciding I no longer wanted to speak with him. This track allowed me to sing my way to catharsis.”

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Magi Merlin wants you to take her “To The Beach”
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