LVRA shares the left-field electronic single “NIGHTMARE”

Alt-popper LVRA releases the synth-fuelled single “NIGHTMARE”. An eclectic combination of electronic pulses and synthetic sonics, the single is a buoyant track riding on hyper-pop and left-field electronica. Exploring anxiety and the existential dread of insomnia, “NIGHTMARE” was made for late nights at festivals where everything feels like a haze.

“I can’t remember a time where I didn’t have a fucked up sleep schedule. I was a really nerdy kid who played loads of video games late at night when my parents were asleep.I remember those early hours as being a time where I felt the most free of expectation but  in hindsight it was an easy escape from my reality. Even as an adult, my anxiety keeps me up regularly. For people with insomnia it’s those waking hours which are the real nightmare, from the existential crises in the early hours of the morning to the guilt you carry the next day. Sometimes I wake up feeling like that lost kid, and other days I can accept it and get on with the shit I need to do”

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LVRA shares the left-field electronic single “NIGHTMARE”
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