Lou Roy unveils her alt-pop notions on “Valkyrie”

Hailing from LA, Lou Roy promises an abundance of cushioned sounds. With her new single “Valkyrie”, her alt-pop notions are clear and quite clearly unstoppable. The single is a sweet number that draws on woozy sonics to create something that feels very personal.

“The song began with me tapping my water bottle while listening to my buddies have a conversation around me. It was called “water bottle birthday beat” for months, until one night in July I got high and decided to just put the beat on loop and improvise lyrics. I had a panic attack a few days before, and had recounted that in the opening line, and from there I just decided to go stream of consciousness based on that. Apparently, I was feeling angry and vengeful – the rest of what came out was all about embracing rage. Then in a sudden shift of perspective, I noticed I wanted peace and quiet and asked myself, “hey man, whatcha doin? Come on back, I need you movin!”. It was a gentle request to please not be so upset, I’m scaring me!”

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Lou Roy unveils her alt-pop notions on “Valkyrie”
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