Lola Lennox shares feel good single ‘La La Love Me’

Fast-rising singer-songwriter, Lola Lennox, has shared her latest single ‘La La Love Me’.

The track itself is a joyful and charming pop tune that shows off Lennox’s powerful vocals and her talent for song-writing.

Speaking about the single, Lola Lennox said:

“I tend to daydream. As a songwriter I’m drawn to stepping out of the world around me to fantasise about situations that are intoxicating and immersive, like the way a certain smell can take you back to a memory from childhood. I like to indulge in exploring states of being that whisk you away… We have all experienced the phase between attraction and commitment, where love has not yet been expressed and the uncertainty of the future makes you flip between bliss and anxiety, via a chemical rush. ‘La La Love Me’ captures the fervent wishes for love, real love. The kind that makes each day feel like a celebration and conjures an appetite for life.”

The artist’s forthcoming debut EP will release in 2021.

Listen to ‘La La Love Me’ below:

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Lola Lennox shares feel good single ‘La La Love Me’
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