Linn Koch-Emmery shares debut album “Being The Girl”

Swedish rocker Linn Koch-Emmery has released her long anticipated debut LP, Being The Girl via her label, Boys Tears.

The fast-rising artist started her journey back in 2017 and this LP is the follow-up to her 2018 EP, ‘Waves’.

Speaking about the record, Koch-Emmery says: ”For me, songwriting has always been more about feelings than finesse. In my world, the best song is a song where you can cry and run to at the same time, that balances on the border between euphoria and sadness. This album contains everything from straightforward guitar pop songs, personal emotional holes to diary entries and dark humor and irony, as an attempt of self-distance from myself.”

Being The Girl includes the singles “Hologram Love”, “Linn RIP” and “Blow My Mind”.

Listen to Being The Girl below:

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Linn Koch-Emmery shares debut album “Being The Girl”
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