Lightning Bug unveil the cathartic track “September Song, pt. ii”

NYC five-piece Lightning Bug shares the visuals for their new single “September Song, pt. ii”. A song meant to embody the crisp clarity brough on by the transition to Autumn, the single is a cathartic track that captures the fuzzy moments of early mornings. With a soothing backbeat and lethargic guitar lines, the single offers a tender moment of solitude.

Singer Audrey Kang says: “In summer of 2018 I spent about a month camping alone on this cliff on a small island in the Baltic Sea. There where I was in the north off the coast of Stockholm, the sun was setting insanely late, like at 11pm and it took hours longer than normal. So I’d watch it disappear, this glowing orb sink into the sea every night to the point where I felt kind of insane, like I was hallucinating…and I started reliving memories but they felt like they were right before me and then I felt confused, was I reliving memories, or seeing into the future? I kept thinking to myself, each end is a beginning, each end is a beginning. So this surreal experience with time lay dormant in me, and then an entire year later, I was camping in the PNW, also on the shore, and I watched the sun sink into the sea, and suddenly those sunsets from Sweden rippled through me again very vividly. And when I came back to New York, I wrote this song.

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Lightning Bug unveil the cathartic track “September Song, pt. ii”
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