Laura Dre is creatively “Moving Spaces” on new cut

Entering the synth-pop world with her new single “Moving Spaces”, Laura Dre showcases her iridescent stylings with the 80s-infused trajectory. Firing on all cylinders with the new release, the track is a glossy cut that offer a whirlwind of prismatic sounds. Built upon synth patterns and beats that have you bopping along, “Moving Spaces” is an exciting insight into an artist who’s debut album promises glittering gold.

“Moving Spaces is the title track on my debut solo album. The whole album covers themes of unrequited love and this song is about moving backwards and forwards in love. The lyrics refer to an ‘oasis’ which can be taken as a metaphor for the loneliness and sometimes one-way traffic in feeling love for someone else. But I use indirect writing styles and a lot of the tracks on this album have multi-dimensional meanings which can be interpreted in their own way for the listener.”

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Laura Dre is creatively “Moving Spaces” on new cut
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