Lady J Musiq drops ‘Diamonds On My Necklace’

NEW York native Lady J Musiq is an artist who oozes glamour, and her lavish new release ‘Diamonds On My Necklace’ is a slick statement of self worth that is dripping with sass and style.

Booming with punchy 808s and a syncopated hip-hop piano melody, Lady J commands the flow with limitless attitude, her snarling bars empowering and bold.

The killer hook’s richly layered harmonies add a classic era element to the track, and the rapper’s effortless cool and confidence is arresting to witness.

Elaborating on the inspiration behind the single she said: “Diamonds on my Necklace marks the beginning to ending all the madness of strained relationships.

“It’s about severing ties and turning the tables on all that had ill intentions and forged nasty weapons against me.”

Lady J, also known as Jalissa Troy, is an artist who is brimming with determination and diligence.

Growing up in Dyckman, she used music as a vehicle of expression, dabbling with poetry and wordplay and eventually incorporating her passion for hip-hop, leading her to stumble into rap where she found her true niche.

Astrong advocate for encouraging women from all walks of life to celebrate themselves and discover their worth, her music stems from personal experiences and those of loved ones, with her natural knack for a narrative creating lyrics that are moving yet tie in effortlessly to a rhythm.

With plenty more releases in the pipeline, Lady J Musiq is an artist who is determined to change the world, and 2021 could see her do just that.

‘Diamonds On My Necklace’ is out now.

Lady J Musiq drops ‘Diamonds On My Necklace’
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