Kirsty Grant releases the featherweight ballad “Quick Fix”

London-based Scot Kirsty Grant releases her ballad-driven new single “Quick Fix”. With pristine vocals, the track is a mellow single written about inner-healing after a relationship ends. With light flowing melodies and sadder themes, the track shines a light Kirsty’s song writing talents.

“It’s about the realisation that healing your own wounds and bitterness really does take time. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to mending your past insecurities and relationship problems,” explains Kirsty. “Sometimes you are stuck in a crippling decision of whether the pain, and ups and downs, are worth it or not, or whether with time it can heal and be stronger than ever before.”

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Kirsty Grant releases the featherweight ballad “Quick Fix”
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