Jessica Luise shares the indie-glazed single “a.m”

Manchester-based artist Jessica Luise shares the new single “a.m”. Ahead of her debut EP release in July, “a.m” is the first teaser for what’s to come. Concoted with guitar tones that simmer in the evening sun, the friendly melancholia leaves a daydream haze lingering that feels completely calming. With vocals that breeze easily across the backdrop, this is an elegant single from a indie-pop newcomer.

Of the forthcoming EP, Jessica says: “To think that I would be the proud creator of a piece of work like this after being in this industry for such a short time baffles me. ‘Going In Blind’ comes from how I was blind to the red flags in relationships I’ve encountered over the years, and a bit of a comment on how when I first started in music I knew nothing. I am still learning, but maybe I’m not as much of a newborn in this industry as I was a year ago.”

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Jessica Luise shares the indie-glazed single “a.m”
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