Q&A Interview: Lissie On Her New Album ‘Castles’

Lissie is an accomplished singer-songwriter from Illinois, America. Ever since releasing her debut EP Why You Runnin in 2009, Lissie has gone from strength to strength. She’s released three studio albums, toured and worked with a countless amount of huge musicians, such as Tom Petty and Ellie Goulding, and has finally released her long awaited fourth album. To celebrate the release of Castles, LOCK caught up with Lissie via the wonders of email.

When penning Castles, what new challenges did you face? Or were they similar obstacles compared to the previous three albums you wrote?

LISSIE: Castles came together in a very natural way. There were no time constraints, so I was able to let it unfold as it came to me. I worked with a lot of great writers and producers and it was really a pleasure. In the past, I’ve always enjoyed making albums, but had deadlines and schedules to consider. I started Castles knowing that the goal was to make an album but that it would be obvious to me when I had the rights songs and mixes, which it was.

I loved your Twin Peaks performance of ‘Wild West’. It was hauntingly atmospheric and really fitted in well with the iconic TV show. How did you come to be a part of Twin Peaks?

LISSIE: Thank you. I was fortunate enough, that David lynch found my band and I years ago and started tweeting about us, spoke of us in interviews and came to a show. I had loosely stayed in touch with him over the years and was thrilled to get the call asking if I would be a part of the return of Twin Peaks! Such an amazing experience!

Do you have a favourite track off the new record?

LISSIE: I like all of the songs! It’s hard to pick a favorite. But if I have to choose, today, I like “Peace” a lot. It speaks to finding the self love, groundedness and presence that I hope to cultivate moving forward. A lot of the songs on Castles were written as I processed a heartache that I knew I had a role in creating. so after this body of work about having self-awareness and getting the feelings off my chest goes out into the world, I hope the next chapter of my life and work will stem from a place of inner peace and acceptance.

The lead singles ‘Boyfriend’, ‘Blood & Muscle’, ‘Best Days’, and ‘Love Blows’ are all fantastic, and each track offers something new, rather than all having the exact same sound, which is really refreshing. In your opinion, do you think these tracks will go down the best with crowds when touring the album?

LISSIE: What is so great about my fanbase to date is that they are so supportive. I think they understand that each body of work is like a little chapter in my ever-progressing story. It makes for a more interesting live show, I believe, to mix up the tone and style of songs and I already feel like the new ones are translating well.

If you weren’t in music, what do you think you would do for a career?

LISSIE: I think it would be something to do with the outdoors. Farming, conservancy, which I’m starting to learn more about and do in my life for real. But also, maybe a summer camp counselor? Or I’d want to work with special needs children and adults in an outdoor setting.

You have worked and toured with such an array of renowned artists –  who’s been your favourite to work with?

LISSIE: I have! It was really cool to open for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for two nights years ago. I didn’t get to meet Tom but feel so honoured to have been, even a small part of that world.

Finally, what’s next for Lissie in 2018?

LISSIE: I will promote Castles and tour extensively for most of the year. I am going to get home here and there to check on my house and plant my garden. So, I’m hoping to carve out a little personal time amidst the hustle of getting this record out to as many people as I can! I always try and remain cautiously optimistic about the future haha.

Castles is out now via Lionboy Records.

You can follow Lissie by clicking here.


Interview by Cameron Poole.

Q&A Interview: Lissie On Her New Album ‘Castles’
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