Interview: Hannie

Fast-rising pop-duo, Hannie have returned with their brand new single ‘Stay Another Night’, featuring the multi-platinum selling recording artist, HIGHT.

So far the duo have released three singles, which have all been critically acclaimed and have received major support from the likes of Wonderland, The Line of Best Fit, BBC London and Atwood Magazine.

Along with being talented singers, HANNI are also accomplished producers. They have featured on the Yamaha Women in Music panel to discuss their thoughts on being women artists in a male dominated industry, and they are also avid LGBT supporters.

We caught up with them to discuss their latest release.

How excited are you to be releasing your new single?

Super excited! It’s so relieving getting music out when it’s been ready for so long. It’s also pretty scary though. It’s a mixture of being super excited and being really nervous if people like it.

Can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind the track?

It was super spontaneous. We were jamming with HIGHT one day and the lyric “stay another night” came up.  One of us at the time was in a situation where they knew they shouldn’t be with the person they were with, and that is literally what we ended up describing in the song.

You’ve also shared the music video for the track – what was the experience like?

We filmed it with our friends in Florida, we had such a laugh making it – it’s very home made but that’s how we wanted it to be.

How did you approach the writing process for this new release?

Annie came up with the guitar riff on the day before we wrote ‘Stay Another Night’ and when Tim (Hight) came round she just started to play that riff. Most of our songs start with an instrumental idea and the concept evolves from there. Then it just naturally came together. We started singing the main hook and started building the story around it. It was such a relatable concept that we wrote it in a couple of hours then produced it afterwards.

What do you hope fans take from the record?

The song is very relatable for many people. We’ve all been in those kinda situations where you are drawn to a person but know it’s not the right thing to do! It’s this internal battle of head against heart!

How would you describe the overall vibe of your latest single?

In Germany we would describe it as “himmelhoch jauchzend zu Tode betrübt”, which basically means it’s a sad story packed in an upbeat dancey song.

Can we expect a full length album from you soon?

You can expect an EP from us soon.  We’ll hopefully do an album at some point, but for now we’re doing an EP and more singles.

Looking ahead, what else can we expect from you before Christmas?

We’ve got a dance edit of this single (‘Stay Another Night’), that comes out at the end of November and obviously the video! You can definitely also catch us at one or two live shows!

Featured Image: Fay Summerfield

Interview: Hannie
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